What is a Work Profile? How Does it Work?

https://freedomtechsolutions.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Using-Work-Profile.mp4 What is a Work Profile? See the short video on how to set up your profile. A work profile refers to a separate and secure space within the device’s operating system where you can keep your work-related apps, data, and settings separate from your personal apps and data. It allows you to maintain a […]

How do our Phones Protect Your Privacy?

Google Services Removal:  These phones remove or disable Google services and apps to minimize data collection and tracking associated with Google’s ecosystem. By eliminating these components, they reduce the amount of user data that is collected and enhance privacy. Alternative App Stores: De-googled phones utilize alternative app stores like F-Droid, which prioritize open-source and privacy-focused […]

Why You Need A De-Googled Phone

In our ever changing world, privacy is a growing concern. Every click, swipe, and interaction leaves a digital footprint that is exploited without our consent. At the same time, we demand high performance from our devices, expecting instantaneous responses and seamless experiences. The concept of a ‘privacy phone’ has emerged from this intersection of privacy […]

NewPipe, The Ultimate Youtube App

NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client for Android that allows users to play YouTube videos without using the official YouTube app or a web browser. NewPipe is unique in that it does not rely on any Google Play Services, which means that it can be used on devices that don’t have access to them or […]