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Pixel 8 Pro

Capture every detail, day or night, with the best camera on a privacy-focused device. Experience flagship features with the privacy you demand.
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Linux Laptop

Experience unparalleled privacy with a reliable laptop running ZorinOS, designed for ease-of-use and performance. Enjoy unbeatable security, efficiency, and user-friendly features, all in one hassle-free package. Perfect for maintaining privacy...
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Pixel 8

Our Latest Ultra Premium Degoogled Phone with a smaller formfactor than the 7 & 7a
Available on Backorder

Pixel 7 Pro

The absolute best, cutting-edge enthusiast phone. The most advanced phone camera system around, incredible display, stunning design, amazingly fast with as much battery life as you could ever need.

Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 offers similar hardware to the Pixel 7 Pro at a lower price point, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality phone with the latest...
Available on Backorder

Pixel 7a

Original price was: $1,000.Current price is: $950.
Enjoy the highest security on the latest hardware with near-unbeatable value for money all without the spying.
In Stock

Degoogled Pixel Tablet

Swift performance, privacy-focused, with a 10.95” display and Speaker Charging Dock for superior sound. All-day battery and robust security, streamlined into one sleek device.
Available on Backorder

Pixel 6a

Exceptional value for money with top-tier features. Enjoy great performance, robust privacy, and a crystal-clear OLED display, all within a compact, water-resistant design that delivers both style and security without...
In Stock

Pixel 6 Pro

For high-end users and photography enthusiasts, the 6 Pro has a premium camera system, longer battery life, a better display and higher storage capacities to name a few.
In Stock

Pixel 6

Faster performance and larger battery than the 6a with 128gb or 256gb of internal storage, 6.4”AMOLED display, impressive camera system
In Stock

Refurbished Pixel 5

Original price was: $600.Current price is: $500.
The Pixel 5 is our mid ranged suggestion for those who want a compact phone whilst still enjoying impressive performance for the price.
In Stock

Degoogled Tablet S5e

A tablet the way tablets should be: Free from unwanted software & spyware. Our tablet is clean, quick & responsive, simple and functional.
Available on Backorder

Pixel 3 xl

An entry level phone that still performs well for basic users that value their privacy.
In Stock

USB-C Ethernet Adapter

Access the internet without any mobile signals at all and even charge your phone at the same time.
In Stock

FTS EMF Blocker Pouch v3

🛡️ Shield yourself from EMF exposure with this durable canvas pouch, silver-lined to reduce EMF signals by nearly 100%. Provides extra privacy protection and fits even the largest phones at...
In Stock

USB-C Backup Drive

Get this USB to utilize the simple inbuilt backup solution for your crucial data. It enables you to seamlessly backup everything on your phone without requiring an adapter. These double...
In Stock

Dual-port 20W Fast Charger

Quick and efficient charging for all your USB devices. When you forget to charge your device, you'll wish you had the 20W FastCharger. Never run out of power again!
In Stock

Premium USB-C Cable

Say goodbye to cable type hassles. With the FTS USB-C 3.2 Premium Cable, its name speaks for itself. Experience universal charging: Comes with a versatile adapter. Built for superior resilience....
In Stock

USB-C to Aux Adapter

Experience unrivaled sound clarity with our high-performance USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter - your solution to connecting traditional audio devices to your modern USB-C phone. Don't compromise on quality or convenience;...