Why You Need A De-Googled Phone

In our ever changing world, privacy is a growing concern. Every click, swipe, and interaction leaves a digital footprint that is exploited without our consent. At the same time, we demand high performance from our devices, expecting instantaneous responses and seamless experiences. The concept of a ‘privacy phone’ has emerged from this intersection of privacy and performance, offering a unique solution to these dual demands. Here are seven compelling reasons why you should consider switching to a privacy phone.

1. Improved Battery Life and Performance

Due to our phones lacking all the background junk that passively listens to your every word, not only do you gain peace of mind but you will notice that the battery life and performance of the phone is far greater. Many of our B.Y.O device customers notice a big improvement of the battery life and performance over the stock OS!

2. No Passive Microphone Spying

Given all the craziness of the last few years, many us aware individuals acknowledge this as a huge problem. Even to those who denied their tech is listening to them, It’s become an unsettlingly common occurrence: to mention some specific thing and have the exact advertisement appear.
Our devices alleviate this concern. We have completely eliminated the processes that enable passive microphone spying, meaning your private conversations stay private. No more unsettling coincidences of adverts for products you were just discussing popping up on your screen.

3. No Photo Scanning and Facial Recognition

With an FTS Phone, your photos are actually yours. There’s no creepy automatic scanning of your images, no facial recognition technology identifying you or your friends, and no potential misuse of your personal pictures. Your memories are kept safe and private, as they should be.

4. No Bloatware and Unwanted Irremovable News Feeds

One of the primary nuisances with traditional smartphones is the pre-installed bloatware that you neither need nor want. The FTS phone offers a clean slate, free from unnecessary and impossible-to-uninstall pre-installed apps, those pesky irremovable news feeds, or intrusive widgets. This results in not only a cleaner, more personalized interface but also improved device performance.

5. No GPS Tracking That Cannot Be Turned Off

Big tech’s omnipresent GPS tracking is a major privacy concern. Numerous leaks over the years have basically proved that even when you turn off the location tracking, it is still occurring covertly. Our devices do not constantly report your location data to Google in the background and when you disable GPS, it actually is disabled, imagine that..
With our phones, you get to decide when you utilize GPS.

6. Apps Respect Your Permission Choices

On basically every phone out there permission is often an illusion. Many apps quietly ignore your preferences, collecting and sharing data even when you’ve explicitly denied permission. Not to mention the system-level spying doesn’t care what you choose. Our devices ensure that your choices are actually respected. When you deny an app permission to access your data, the app can’t do much about it. This means you’re in full control of your personal information. And even the apps which refuse to operate without a ton of permissions, you can utilize the virtual container to fool such apps into working anyway which is explained next;

7. Ability to Isolate Your Big Tech Apps

While our phones allow you to break free from big tech’s clutches, we understand that some users may still want or need to use certain big tech apps. FTS phones allow for the isolation of these apps, ensuring that they can’t infiltrate the rest of your device and access your data. It’s the best of both worlds: access to the apps you need, without the privacy concerns they usually bring. You can even turn off the contained apps when you don’t need them!

In conclusion, an FTS phone offers an ideal blend of privacy and performance. It’s a tool that respects your rights, your choices, and your peace of mind, while also delivering a fast, efficient, and user-friendly experience. As the digital world becomes more invasive than ever, it’s time we reclaimed control over our personal information and started prioritizing privacy. Privacy phones are a significant step in the right direction.

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