About FTS

Luke here,

I’m a lifelong tech enthusiast who woke up to just how bad things really are that found a way of solving one of the biggest issues when it comes to tech. As my understanding of the Truth grew i began networking with like minded people all around me and happened to run into someone who wanted to make this into something bigger so that we can bring these solutions to more and more people.

At the time of writing this and making this website (Aug 2022) we are still very small, but i am keen to provide the same value that i have created for a couple dozen people around me for the larger community. This is just one aspect of the giant problem we are facing and i figured it is a service to humanity to share the knowledge and know how when it comes to open source solutions and tech in general.

FTS is basically here to solve the problem of the insane level of spying that occurs thanks to our own devices being covertly and sometimes overtly compromised.

If you would like to donate to support our efforts please feel free to do so below: