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Where are you located?

We operate in Western Australia and all orders are posted from Perth WA.

Absolutely, there’s an overwhelmingly high likelihood that your apps will operate smoothly. We’ve found that around 99% of apps perform flawlessly. Most apps we’ve tested exhibit normal functionality. The only instances where issues arise are with outdated or poorly constructed apps that rely entirely on Google services. However, it’s advisable to steer clear of such apps regardless of the device you use. Notably, apps like Google Wallet fall into this category.

Our devices boast an exceptional level of compatibility, surpassing the typical capabilities of privacy-focused phones.

A few exceptions to note include certain features like in-app purchases through Google Play, which require logging in, and functionalities like Google Pay’s PayPass (which we don’t recommend using anyway).

With our phones you can just use your existing SIM card, and you’re good to go.

It’s significance is not extremely high since most network traffic is encrypted, especially when using a VPN.

Calls and SMS are always going to have privacy issues, which is why we suggest alternatives such as XMPP, which you can learn about in the articles section of our site.

Disabling 5G is easy.

If your device supports 5G and you would like to disable it (which is recommended for various reasons including the current unreliability, EMF exposure and privacy concerns) you can by following these simple steps:

  • Open your device settings
  • Tap ‘Network and Internet’
  • Tap ‘SIMs’
  • Scroll to ‘Preferred network type’
  • Select 4G or even 3G

You can also simply search ‘Preferred network type’ within the settings app.


Most of our degoogled phones are the Pixel series of smartphones because of their stability and reliability, but also their wide availability.

We’ve tested hundreds of devices running every variant of a custom privacy OS and the Pixel series are superior in every aspect.

This is further amplified by the developer communities who make and update alternative privacy operating systems having a larger incentive to focus on such phone.

We include the ‘Organic Maps’ app, a navigation and location service similar to Google Maps, in our preinstalled software. This application relies on community-generated data and ensures your privacy by avoiding any intrusive tracking.

Another excellent choice with better navigation is Magic Earth, which offers similar functionalities and can be easily obtained from the Aurora App store.

Remarkably, you retain the option to use Google Maps if you prefer. We recommend refraining from signing in and using it with location services disabled especially when you’re at private locations.

The expected waiting period for phones available for backorder is between 2 to 5 days.

If you find this timeframe unsuitable, we advise considering a device that is currently in stock.

Opting for an in-stock item ensures that your order will be processed and shipped without that delay, arriving at your earliest convenience.

Improving privacy on an iPhone is very limited due to their completely locked-down operating system restrictions.

As far as we know, or we’ve heard from colleagues within the industry, it is impossible to modify the OS of an iPhone without having access granted by Apple themselves, which they will never do.

We procure our stock devices from trusted suppliers across Australia. Upon receiving a device, we conduct a thorough inspection, proceed to de-google and update it. Our next steps involve app installation, configuration settings, and meticulous individual testing for quality assurance.

Items marked as “Ready to Ship” or “In Stock” will be dispatched on the same day, typically within 24 hours.

For Express Post services across Australia, the average delivery time is approximately 3 working days, ensuring your package reaches any destination within the country promptly.

Rest assured, a tracking number will be provided via email, using the address associated with your order, at the time of shipment.

Please see the device support page for calyxos.

Yes and No.

We can’t ensure the successful de-googling of every phone due to varying model compatibilities.

Only a very small subset of phones are able to be degoogled and the developers of our preferred OS wisely choose to narrow this down further to the Pixel series to limit the massive overhead of maintaining the device’s full functionality.

To avoid risks of damage or loss of functionality, we usually refrain from handling customer-sent phones, unless you happen to have a Pixel series phone.

If this is the case, you can contact us about sending it and we can sort it out for you.

Please view our article – How do our phones protect your privacy?

The warning is not there because something is wrong, it is there to remind you that the phone network is recorded and monitored. It’s just there in case people forget that fact. For more private calls we suggest using an XMPP app like

Our standard prices are available on our store page.

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We accept various forms of payment including cards, cash, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, PayPal, and Stripe.

For software problems, i.e. one day the phone doesn’t turn on for no particular reason within a reasonable time frame, we may replace the phone for you as long as you’ve not modified the OS or enabled developer options or damaged it.

We do not offer hardware warranty at this time – your best warranty for physical damage is a good case.

This is something you have to take into consideration when purchasing a privacy phone. When it comes to software problems, these seem to be very, very rare, especially in the newer models.

We do however try our best to provide quality products that last and will do our best to make things right should you encounter an issue within a reasonable time frame.

To reassure you, devices we personally use as our daily drivers have lasted over 1.5 years and counting so far – often under a heavy workload, with absolutely no issues.

Out of all the phones sold, less than 1% have had critical issues and even so, were able to be resolved.

Each phone we provide includes a small quick start guide to familiarise you with its basic functions.

We are confident that you will find it very easy, especially if you have ever used an Android device before.

We are available to answer initial questions to help you get started, although, please note that our ability to offer technical support is limited.

Searching “Android how to…” often helps most user’s basic questions regarding how to do certain things on the OS (yes, remarkably CalyxOS is built on top of Android making it very similar).

You can also refer to our telegram channel where there are many exclusive tips, tricks and tutorials, or simply send us a DM if you get stuck.

Our phones work with practically all cellular service providers worldwide.

Simply insert into the phone an activated SIM card from your carrier of choice. You may use your existing mobile service, purchase a new service, or even use the phone without mobile service by connecting to local WiFi networks and communicating over the internet.

Yes it is possible, you can sync it with davx

When it comes to importing your data – having tried just about everything – the best solution is to use this software.

It is a paid solution but it will save you hours of messing around.

Even with location services turned off on a regular phone, you can still be tracked through other means such as cellular towers and Wi-Fi networks.

In comparison, FTS privacy phones offer stronger privacy measures by removing unwanted background services. These devices prioritise user privacy and provide additional safeguards against tracking and data leakage, making them a far superior option for privacy-conscious individuals than any regular smartphone out there.

We have not tested this and do not recommend such apps.

The splash screen is usually branded as it is part of the bootloader. The bootloader is simply the part of the system which has the instructions of how to boot up the operating system. It is solely for this purpose. The amount of data that could possibly be stored on this part of the system is extremely limited (usually less than 8mb) and so the threat is already relatively low. It is the equivalent to a computer’s brand appearing on boot.

Not only is this part of the system very limited in size, but it is also limited in permissions. For example, the bootloader cannot execute or run commands on the operating system. The purpose of not modifying that part of the OS is because it is unnecessary and dangerous – one mistake would render the device useless.

Absolutely, although we ask you to follow the instructions for the OS you choose on their website.

Also, our devices are not just the OS – not only do we test them thoroughly, but they ship with a huge amount of pre-configured settings and a very particular selection of apps (some of which are not listed on this site to keep things exclusive!).

After three years of testing various privacy-focused operating systems, we recommend CalyxOS and GrapheneOS for Pixel phones. Both offer excellent privacy and security features tailored to different needs:

  • GrapheneOS: Ideal if you plan to install many mainstream apps due to its robust native sandboxing.
  • CalyxOS: Better if you need frequent updates, as it offers speedy installations and automatic background app updates.

Question: I switched from an iPhone to an Android phone and now I can’t receive messages from iPhone users. What should I do?

Answer: This issue often occurs because your phone number is still registered with iMessage. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. De-register iMessage online:

  2. Ask iPhone users to send SMS:

    • Request your contacts with iPhones to turn off iMessage temporarily: Settings > Messages > toggle off iMessage.

Following these steps should resolve the issue. If problems persist, ensure your contacts have updated your phone number correctly in their devices.

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