🔎 Discovering Apps: F-Droid & Aurora Store 📱

Searching for apps for your FTS Phone or any other degoogled device? Two major app stores stand out: F-Droid and Aurora Store. 🎯 This comprehensive guide will explore these app havens, guiding you on how to maximize their use.

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🌐 F-Droid: Your Open Source Sanctuary 🛠️


F-Droid, with its commitment to open-source and proprietary-free apps, comes as a recommended choice for installing applications. 👌 F-Droid’s dedicated team ensures these standards are upheld in their official repository. However, be mindful of some apps with “Anti-Features.” Here’s your roadmap to optimally use F-Droid:

🚀 Accessing F-Droid:

  1. Simply tap on the F-Droid app icon, found on your FTS Phone’s home screen.
  2. You can also locate it in the ‘Apps’ folder on the right-hand side page.

🔍 Navigating F-Droid:

  • F-Droid features navigation tabs at the bottom, where a ‘Categories’ tab provides a summary of available apps.

🔄 Updating Repositories:

  • Update your repositories whenever you access F-Droid to stay updated with the latest app versions and updates.
  • A simple swipe down on the ‘Latest’ tab triggers the update process. The update duration may vary based on your internet speed.

🔬 Searching and Downloading Apps:

  • Use the search function or explore the menu options to find a specific app.
  • Once you find the right app, tap ‘INSTALL’ to start the download.

✔️ Granting Permissions:

  • F-Droid may prompt you to authorize app installations after the download completes.
  • Click ‘SETTINGS’ in the pop-up window, then slide the ‘Allow from this source’ toggle to grant permission. This step is a one-time process.

⚠️ Identifying Anti-Features:

  • F-Droid excels at outlining any negative traits or “Anti-Features” of apps for complete transparency.
  • For example, the ‘Telegram FOSS’ app might connect to the non-open source Telegram network, considered an Anti-Feature.

🗑️ Uninstalling Apps:

  • You can remove an app directly within the F-Droid app or through your device’s settings.

➕ Adding Third-Party Repositories to F-Droid:

  • Expand your app choices in F-Droid by adding third-party repositories. Please note, these repositories aren’t overseen by the F-Droid team and may have different governance standards.

🌟 Aurora Store: Anonymous Google Play Access 🛡️


Aurora Store provides a unique way to install Google Play store apps anonymously, bypassing the need for a login. However, if you want to install pre-purchased paid apps, you can log in with your Google account. Here’s how you can maximize the Aurora Store:

🚀 Accessing Aurora Store:

  • The Aurora Store app icon is conveniently located on your home screen within the ‘Apps’ folder.

🔧 Initial Setup:

  • Follow the setup process, granting necessary app management permissions, when launching Aurora Store for the first time.

👤 Anonymous Login:

  • Choose the Anonymous login option when prompted for a private Play Store experience.

🔍 Browsing and Searching Apps:

  • Within Aurora Store, you can browse through categories or use the search function to pinpoint apps of interest.

📝 Privacy Report and Permissions:

  • Before installing a new app, review the privacy report and necessary permissions to make informed decisions.

⬇️ Installing Apps:

  • Once you’ve selected an app, click on the download button to initiate the installation process.
  • After the app is downloaded, you’ll be prompted to install it. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

🗑️ App Management:

  • Uninstall an app through your device’s app settings or the app drawer.

🔧 Alternative Methods and Troubleshooting:

  • If you’re having difficulty finding a specific app, there are alternative methods and settings you can explore.

By harnessing the power of F-Droid and Aurora Store, you can discover a wide range of apps while maintaining control over your device and privacy. Enjoy your journey in the world of privacy-focused apps!