Congrats! You’re now a proud member of a community that values privacy, control over data, and freedom from mainstream tech norms.
Your FTS phone powered by CalyxOS is not just a device, it’s a step towards securing your digital footprint. 👣

🆚 CalyxOS vs Stock Android

Your CalyxOS experience will differ from traditional Android. Here are some key differences:

  • 🔒 Minimal Google: Bye-bye, data harvesting! We’ve removed all the bits that feed your personal info to Google.
  • 🏪 Alternative App Stores: Meet F-Droid and Aurora Store, your new sources for apps. Choose open-source apps from F-Droid, or install apps from the Play Store anonymously via Aurora Store.
  • 🛡️ Privacy Enhancements: From tracking prevention to secure backups via SeedVault, we’ve got you covered.
  • 🚫 Limitations: Some paid Google Play store apps and a few free ones (like Google Wallet) won’t work. Gesture typing on the built-in keyboard isn’t supported, and blocking ads and trackers in all apps may require a third-party VPN-based app or using Private DNS.
  • 🔍 Default Search: Say hello to DuckDuckGo, your privacy-focused search engine alternative to Google.

🚀 Why is There Two App Stores?

You have two app stores on your device: F-Droid and Aurora Store.

F-Droid 🎯

  • F-Droid is the go-to app store on CalyxOS. All apps here are free, open-source, and ad-free. 🎉
  • You’ll also find a source for CalyxOS apps here, keeping your device updated and secure.

Aurora Store 🌟

  • The Aurora Store is your way of getting to Google Play Store Apps Anonymously. It lets you access apps while keeping your identity under wraps. You can also use your own Google Account if you wish, and doing so isn’t as bad as you might think, Aurora Store does a good job at limiting all unnecessary permissions and data.
  • Some apps like Facebook, Instagram, Google apps, and others can be found on Aurora Store. But remember, always search on F-Droid first! 🕵️‍♀️

Micro-G 🐜

  • To replace Google-dependant parts of Android, we’ve introduced microG, an open-source alternative that doesn’t compromise on privacy.
  • Choose your microG settings during your device’s first startup. We recommend the default option: microG enabled, no Google Account, push notifications enabled. 📬

Contacts, Apps, and More 📲

CalyxOS provides various ways to manage contacts and apps. From syncing contacts via DAVx5 to a plethora of apps for messaging, web browsing, Free VPN, utilities, and more. 🔒

🚦 Datura Firewall and SeedVault / ‘Backup’

Datura Firewall lets you control network permissions for individual apps. 🛑

SeedVault, on the other hand, is your secure backup solution. Remember to write down the 12-word recovery code somewhere safe and do not lose your usb. 🔐

📷 G-Camera

We’ve stripped out Google’s software as much as possible. However, if you wish, you can install Google Camera and Google Photos from the Aurora Store. Remember to block network access for these apps via Datura Firewall.