Backup Your De-Googled Phone with Seedvault

📱 How to Backup Your DeGoogled Phone 🛡️ Many of you might’ve skipped the typical backup method due to privacy concerns. 🕵️ But nobody wants the heartbreak of losing precious data if the phone goes for a swim or meets an unfortunate accident. 😓 The Perfect Solution: ✨ A local & encrypted backup using Seedvault! […]

How to transfer contacts to your new device?

CalyxOS is a mobile operating system that values user privacy. If you’re moving from Android or Apple devices to a CalyxOS device, you may be interested in transferring your contacts. This guide will walk you through the steps for both. Basically to transfer contacts we first export all the contacts as a .vcf file, then […]

An Overview of CalyxOS

Congrats! You’re now a proud member of a community that values privacy, control over data, and freedom from mainstream tech norms. Your FTS phone powered by CalyxOS is not just a device, it’s a step towards securing your digital footprint. CalyxOS vs Stock Android Your CalyxOS experience will differ from traditional Android. Here are some […]

Installing, uninstalling, and updating apps

🔎 Discovering Apps: F-Droid & Aurora Store 📱 Searching for apps for your FTS Phone or any other degoogled device? Two major app stores stand out: F-Droid and Aurora Store. 🎯 This comprehensive guide will explore these app havens, guiding you on how to maximize their use. Play Video 🌐 F-Droid: Your Open Source Sanctuary […]

How do our Phones Protect Your Privacy?

Google Services Removal:  These phones remove or disable Google services and apps to minimize data collection and tracking associated with Google’s ecosystem. By eliminating these components, they reduce the amount of user data that is collected and enhance privacy. Alternative App Stores: De-googled phones utilize alternative app stores like F-Droid, which prioritize open-source and privacy-focused […]

Why You Need A De-Googled Phone

In our ever changing world, privacy is a growing concern. Every click, swipe, and interaction leaves a digital footprint that is exploited without our consent. At the same time, we demand high performance from our devices, expecting instantaneous responses and seamless experiences. The concept of a ‘privacy phone’ has emerged from this intersection of privacy […]

Navigating Your FTS Phone

Navigating Your FTS Phone You may have noticed by now we are using a custom version of android, whether or not you’ve used an android phone before you may not know all the ways to navigate it, especially since we’re using the very latest and greatest versions of android. Android phones have come a long […]