🔒 Google Services Removal: 

These phones remove or disable Google services and apps to minimize data collection and tracking associated with Google’s ecosystem. By eliminating these components, they reduce the amount of user data that is collected and enhance privacy.

📲 Alternative App Stores:

De-googled phones utilize alternative app stores like F-Droid, which prioritize open-source and privacy-focused applications. These stores have stricter guidelines for data collection, providing users with more control over their data. You can discover and download apps that prioritize privacy and security, ensuring a safer app ecosystem.

🔧 Custom Firmware: 

Some de-googled phones use custom firmware such as LineageOS or GrapheneOS. These firmware options are built with privacy and security as core principles. They provide additional layers of protection against data leaks, unauthorized access, and potential vulnerabilities found in mainstream smartphone operating systems.

🔐 Reduced Data Sharing: 

De-googled phones aim to minimize the sharing of personal data with third-party services. They accomplish this by limiting background data synchronization, preventing automatic cloud backups, and offering granular control over app permissions. Users have the power to decide which data an app can access, thereby reducing unnecessary data sharing.

🔒 Enhanced Privacy Settings: 

De-googled phones offer enhanced privacy settings compared to mainstream smartphones. These settings encompass a wide range of options, including the ability to disable telemetry, prevent tracking via advertising identifiers, limit location access, and restrict background activity of apps. Users can fine-tune their privacy preferences to align with their individual needs.

🔒 Security Updates: 

Maintainers of de-googled phone operating systems prioritize security and privacy updates. They typically release patches and updates more frequently than mainstream smartphone manufacturers. This proactive approach ensures that vulnerabilities and privacy issues are promptly addressed, providing users with a secure and protected device.

🚫🔑 No Google Account Required:

When setting up a de-googled phone, there is no requirement to log into a Google account or grant unnecessary permissions to Google. This means that your identity remains confidential and is not revealed to Google during the setup process. Additionally, you can still access mainstream apps using the Play Store alternative, Aurora Store.

🚫👁️ No Invasive Google Services: 

De-googled phones exclude invasive Google services and apps, such as the Google Assistant, Google Photos, and Google Drive. These services are known for their extensive data collection practices. By removing them and replacing them with privacy-respecting alternatives, de-googled phones prioritize user privacy and minimize data collection.

📡 MicroG: 

De-googled phones utilize MicroG, a fake Google service that fills the void left by the removal of official Google services. MicroG handles functions like notifications and GPS without compromising privacy. It allows apps and services to work seamlessly, ensuring a smooth user experience while maintaining privacy.

🚫🎤 No Microphone Spying: 

De-googled phones eliminate features that enable microphone spying and other intrusive practices. This means your device won’t listen to your conversations or engage in passive location logging or photo scanning. Your privacy and personal conversations remain protected.

🌐 Completely Open Source Core Apps: 

Core apps such as Camera, Gallery, Calendar, and Contacts are completely open source on degoogled phones. This transparency ensures that these apps do not insist on geo-tagging your photos or sharing your contacts list and schedule with big tech. You have full control over your data, empowering you to own and manage your personal information. A noteworthy example is the gallery app, rather than google photos, our gallery doesnt scan your photos with facial recognition and other unwanted creepy options.

🔒📶 Secure Networking:

Degoogled phones provide secure networking features to enhance privacy and protect your data. This includes an exclusive firewall app that grants you detailed control over your apps’ network access. It is particularly useful to apply this to apps that should not be connecting to the internet, for example if you wish you could have all the features of the google camera app without it contacting google for god knows what reason, you can disable it’s internet access with this firewall app.