‘Smart’ without the Spying.

Privacy Without Compromise… Finally.

No More Spying. Just Freedom.

Privacy Made Easy.

Whether you’re a tech guru or a smartphone newbie, our devices are for everyone. Navigate with confidence, no tech jargon needed.

Privacy App Suite

Comes pre-loaded with a selection of carefully chosen privacy-focused apps and allows for anonymous downloads of your favorite mainstream Play Store apps.

Powerful Firewall

Effortlessly manage internet access per-app with a single tap, ensuring you have control over every app. Allowing you to install the official camera app without compromising your privacy.

Included VPN

An included free VPN means you can use the internet feeling secure & worry-free. You can browse with reassurance that your location will be hidden from all websites.


Protect your device with our high quality accessories. From professionally preinstalled screen protectors to Fast Chargers to Faraday bags, we've got you covered.

Familiar Interface.

Our phones not only meet the standards of today’s top Android devices but often exceed them.
Leveraging a custom version of the Android Open Source Project, including the latest Android builds and security updates, you can enjoy the most refined, feature-rich phone OS available—minus the privacy concerns.
It feels almost too good to be true.

Keep your favorite apps.

Experience seamless compatibility with your favorite apps and the freedom to use Play Store applications without needing a Google login.

Our phones ensure you stay connected and updated, eliminating the frustration of feeling out of the loop.

Our feedback.

What our customers say

Alternative Apps For Everything.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Enjoy enhanced privacy and security with expert hand-picked, preinstalled open source apps that replace the most commonly used tools.

F-droid Store

Unlock a universe of free, open-source apps with F-Droid. Enjoy a seamless app discovery experience, easy installations, and hassle-free updates—all while supporting the open-source community.

Aurora Store

Experience the freedom of the Google Play Store without a Google account with Aurora Store. Access and download any app anonymously, ensuring your app world is expansive and unrestricted.

New Pipe

Enjoy YouTube watching without ads or privacy concerns. With NewPipe, you can watch, download, and listen to YouTube content seamlessly, ensuring an uninterrupted and private viewing experience.


Take control and privacy to the next level with Anytype. Your notes and documents stay secure, encrypted, and accessible offline. Enjoy seamless syncing across devices for effortless productivity and a customizable interface that adapts to your needs.

K-9 Mail

Streamline your email experience with K-9 Mail, the user-friendly email client that connects you to almost any account with advanced features for efficient management. Even Gmail access is secure and straightforward.


Unmatched private messaging with conversations.im, one of the few apps that is truely private. Message and Call knowing you're shielded with top-tier encryption—your conversations stay just between you and the recipient, as they should.


Keep your passwords safe, organized, and accessible across any device. Never forget a password again, while significantly enhancing your internet safety with strong, unique passwords for each account.

Mullvad VPN

Protect your online privacy without interruptions with a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-use VPN. Mullvad is the best VPN we have tested to date. Although it is paid, you get what you pay for.

Aegis Auth, Aegis

Aegis 2FA

The ultimate Authenticator replacement. Aegis offers a versatile solution for all your two-factor authentication needs, compatible with any service that uses 2FA codes. Embrace enhanced security and simplicity, all in one open-source app.

simple calendar, privacy calendar

Fossify Calendar

Plan your day away from big tech's eyes. A secure, ad-free environment for scheduling. Tailor your agenda with extensive customization options and enjoy peace of mind knowing your plans aren't shared with tech giants.

Voice recorder

Record with confidence and privacy. Our Voice Recorder operates entirely offline, ensuring your recordings are under your control.

Organic Maps

Navigate the world privately and offline with Organic Maps. Rely on community-driven maps for navigation that respects your privacy, without sacrificing functionality.

Rob Braxman, Privacy Guru on ‘de-googled’ devices:

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