What is Bitwarden?

Included in Freedom Tech Solutions Privacy App Suite.

Achieve speed and security with the password manager relied upon by millions of users.

Bitwarden is a trusted password manager: store, generate, and autofill passwords securely. Features include secure sharing, 2FA, sync across devices. Available on web, desktop, browser extension, and mobile app.


The Bitwarden open source approach is guided by end-to-end encryption, fostering trust, accountability, and robust security measures.

Transfer Data Securely

Bitwarden Send ensures secure transmission of data between users while maintaining end-to-end encryption and minimizing exposure to unauthorized parties.

Store Data

Secure more than just passwords. Safeguard various sensitive data, securely transmit to recipients, access vault health reports, and enjoy a wide range of additional features.

User Friendly

Bitwarden provides powerful security within minutes, offering fast and easy setup for individuals and businesses seeking enhanced protection, productivity, and collaboration.