Backup Your De-Googled Phone with Seedvault

📱 How to Backup Your DeGoogled Phone 🛡️

Many of you might’ve skipped the typical backup method due to privacy concerns. 🕵️

But nobody wants the heartbreak of losing precious data if the phone goes for a swim or meets an unfortunate accident. 😓

The Perfect Solution: ✨ A local & encrypted backup using Seedvault! 🗃️🔐 It’s simple, inbuilt and all you need is a USB drive and just a quarter of an hour. ⏳

Gather these essentials: 📝

  • A battery life of 30% or more 🔋
  • A USB-C ThumbDrive with 32GB or more storage 📌 OR
  • A conventional USB ThumbDrive (of adequate size) along with a USB-A to C adapter. 🔗 You can easily hunt these down on eBay or at most tech shops.

Steps: 🚶‍♂️

  1. 🔌 Plug in the USB.
  2. 📲 Navigate to Settings > System > Backup.
  3. ✏️ You’ll be nudged to jot down a 12-word Recovery Code, also known as a SeedPhrase.
  • If you don’t see the prompt, click ‘Recovery Code’ > ‘Generate new code’ and scribble down the 12-word password.
  • 🛡️ Safeguard this! It’s your only key to unlock the backup later.
  1. 🔄 Select the USB drive, followed by your backup preferences. Include any media libraries if desired. (i always backup my documents for example, photos i offload to a PC monthly)

⚠️ Just a heads-up: Seedvault is best at backing up texts, call logs, contacts, settings, and apps with their data. While the file/media backup is in beta, it’s wise to manually transfer your images and files to a PC or USB. 📸💾

  1. 👆 Tap the top-right icon and initiate the backup if it’s still dormant. Patience is key – Don’t bump the drive and be sure to wait for it to complete before unplugging. (you can see the progress in the notifications)
  2. Now in future all you have to do to backup your phone is plug in that same USB and wait for the notification that it’s done. (it’s a good idea to label the USB btw!)

Done! Mishaps with your phone won’t be as much of a hassle anymore. 🎉

If you need to know, restoring the backup is even easier. Just factory reset your new phone from us and when prompted, plug in the USB, type the password in, and select the backup you created.

Can i restore an old device’s backup to a newer device?
A: Yes

How often do i backup?
A: as often as you like, i do it weekly

How do i know its actually backed up?
A: Check the notification, if it presents an error you may have moved the drive or interrupted it. Just unplug and re-plug it and it should resume.

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